Honda is a Japanese multinational company that mainly produces cars and motorcycles, also known for its research in the field of robotics. With an annual production of over 14 million engines, it is among the leading manufacturers globally. In 1960, seeking continuous diversification of production, Honda began producing cars, initially dedicating itself only to the Japanese domestic market. In 2022, Sony Group Corporation and Honda Motor Co. announced their intention to establish a new company, of which they will have joint control, which will design, develop, manufacture, market and sell high-value battery electric vehicles

It is listed on both the Tokyo and New York Stock Exchanges and various other global stock exchanges. The founder of the company, Sōichirō Honda, started a piston manufacturing business in 1937, soon becoming one of Toyota's suppliers and equally quickly expanding the business to other mechanical sectors. Soichiro Honda was also known for equipping a car race car with an 8-cylinder aeronautical-type engine of 8 liters of displacement.