Booker T

Booker T is the most winning wrestler in WCW history, having held twenty-one belts including five WCW World Heavyweight Championships, six WCW World Television Championships, and eleven WCW World Tag Team Championships. In 2007 he was suspended for sixty days by the WWE: the wrestler was identified as a customer of Signature Pharmacy, a company under investigation for having sold medicines and doping substances without regular prescription. Booker T has always denied buying or using illegal substances and ever being a customer of Signature Pharmacy.

In WWE, he has won the World Heavyweight Championship once, the Intercontinental Championship once, the United States Championship three times, the Hardcore Championship twice and the World Tag Team Championship three times. Booker was also the winner of the 17th annual King of the Ring 2006 and the eighth wrestler in the history of the promotion to complete the Grand Slam (original format). In 2013 he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a singles wrestler, while in 2019 as part of the Harlem Heat together with his brother Stevie Ray.