Bosnia and Herzegovina is a European country located in the Western Balkans. The city of Neum, located to the south-west, overlooks the Adriatic Sea and is the only outlet to the sea. Its land area is 51209 km² and its capital is Sarajevo. Until April 1992 it was part of Yugoslavia. Since 1995 it has been a federal parliamentary republic.

The armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina were unified into a single entity in 2006, with the merger of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Army of the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which had defended their respective regions. The Ministry of Defense was established in 2004. The Bosnian Armed Forces include the Bosnian Army, the Bosnian Air Force and the Bosnian Air Defense. The Bosnian Army consists of 10,000 active duty men, plus 5,000 reservists. This army is made up of vehicles and equipment of American, Yugoslavian, Soviet and European origin. The Air Force has 2,500 men and approximately 45 aircraft, most of which are transport and training vehicles.